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Sunday Reads For #edtech and Teachers Alike (Week of 4/06/14)

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The deepest thing a student has ever said to you?

Hi teachers of Reddit, how should I go about getting my master and my teaching credentials?

Going to an out-of-state school and getting your MA teaching license?

Contract options and burning bridges

Need Ideas for Controlling a Class


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about teaching students how to properly take notes, how everyone learns (thus takes notes) differently and where you can get a great personalized journal. So I talked the talk therefor it was only necessary that I walk the walk. I went ahead and created a Bound journal based off of how I take notes:

  • Check lists for day to day To-Do’s
  • Short form/micro journaling for those short bursts of thought
  • Blank pages as I like the “freeness” it provides me

$12 and 4 days later, my personalized journal/notebook showed up at my apartment. The 3.5” x 5.5” cardboard backed journal is everything I knew it would be: a 3.5” x 5.5”, 48 page count journal, cardboard notebook that I customized. AKA: awesome. For the last year I have been walking around with a Moleskine and writing down every, single thought that pops in to my head. The only problem I have with it is that I like to keep my thoughts separated.

Where the Moleskine I have to put multiple thoughts on one page, the Bound allows me to customize my book so that I have the short form note taking capability (img. 4) as well as the blank pages for the thoughts that I map out. Overall, I plan on making a custom design, sending it over to Bound and having them make 12 books to my specifications (1 for each month) that work for me rather than go out and get another Moleskine and having me work for it.

In terms of my post about this belonging in education, I really think that designing your own and handing them out to students on their first day of class, as a prize or anything else you can think of is a terrific idea. 


Sunday Reads For #edtech and Teachers Alike (Week of 3/30/14)

Community Help:

I’m beating myself up over this situation with a student. I would appreciate some advice or perspective.

I’m pretty bummed. Personal supplies gone missing.

Middle School Math Textbook

It gets better, right?

positivelypersistentteach I meant for either/or. I see what you’re saying, but, a counter point to that would be to use pinterest or pinboard or any other platform designed to curate “things” from around the web. The sole purpose of a blog is to curate your thoughts. No?

positivelypersistentteach I meant for either/or. I see what you’re saying, but, a counter point to that would be to use pinterest or pinboard or any other platform designed to curate “things” from around the web. The sole purpose of a blog is to curate your thoughts. No?



I just used Quora for the second time for about 5 minutes. It just looked like Reddit to me. The first question that came up was “how can I be happy?” and I just gave up.

Anyone have any positive experiences with Quora or still use it?


Likes Are Ruining Blogging

Tumblr is a terrific blogging platform. It’s free, easy to use and the meta tags allow for people to find relevant posts easily. However, people are now writing for likes rather than content. Do I write a popular opinion (or in some cases unpopular) just so I can have the satisfaction of little hearts all over my dashboard? Or do I write great posts with useful and informational content and it be largely ignored because it doesn’t have a funny gif in it?

With all the available blogging platforms out there we can assume most of your students probably already have a blog and more than likely it is hosted on Tumblr. On top of that we can assume that some of their blogs mostly consist of just reblogging gifs, “fan girling” and pictures of far away places that they didn’t take. A precedent needs to be made that their blog should be pictures they took, drawings they made or even prose they wrote. A lot of people talk about how we can spread creativity in the wake of programs being cut. This can be a way. No?

Teachers, how can you start to get your students to make great content on their “little corner of the web”?


Anyone out there teaching Shakespeare? This is a cool video to show your students. Or to add to your blog/twitter feed.

Google community management is on point

Google community management is on point


Sunday Reads For #edtech and Teachers Alike (Week of 3/23/14)


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ummughozi asked:
Hi brother, just want to say that I really like your blog.

Thanks. If you (or anyone for that matter) has any ideas that you wanna talk about, shoot me a message or email and I will be more than happy to chat or even write something.